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ATTN: Residents & Owners
Effective August 1st 2019, Rosslyn Heights North Association will be eliminating key access to all common area doors. You must use a FOB to get into the building. If you do not have a FOB, please contact your landlord.

FOBS are issued by the Board of Directors:
John M – issues building 1427 FOBs

Todd L – issues building 1425 FOBs

Anthony W– issues building 1423 FOBs.
RHN Board of Directors Next Meeting
Date: June 11, 2019 6pm
Location: 1427 N Nash St. Unit 20
Those wishing to attend please email John McKenna.
To Owners:

Our mechanical engineers/HVAC techs ran out of time to implement a new system by Spring 2019 throughout the building. We are currently working on getting this completed by the end of 2019. Stay tuned for more information.

Portfolio Manager | Gates Hudson Community Management
3020 Hamaker Court | Suite 300 | Fairfax | Virginia | 22031
(o) 703-752-8300 x734 | (f) 703-876-9594
OWNER REMINDER: Time to schedule annual servicing for your air handler prior to April 30. Read More
A/C is scheduled to be on NLT April 30.
Please contact Chang Kim at Ckim@ghacm.com to obtain the new 2019 parking permits/hangtags. Towing will start being enforced on February 11th. Management is keeping a record of all stickers issued. In the event that you sell or trade in your vehicle, please make sure that you contact management to request a replacement sticker.
(1) RHN Policy limits leasing to 6 months or more. Co-Owners who choose to lease their property must report any tenancy to the Community Manager and provide contact information on each occupant.
(2) When a unit changes occupants, a Move In Fee of $100 must be paid to Rosslyn Heights Condominium Association; and mailed to GHCM. This applies also when tenants changes, even if only one occupant exits and a new person assume tenancy.
(3) Short term Rentals (any period less than 6 months) are prohibited at RHN unless Board of Director approval has been obtained. Popular arrangements such as AIR BnB are strictly prohibited by any Co-Owners. If a violation of this Property Regulation/By-Law is reported, the Board of Directors will consider removing the Co-Owners privilege to use common services including onsite parking, laundry facilities and imposing the $100 move in fee for each occurrence.
Chiller will be turned on Monday April 22, 2019

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