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RHN Board of Directors Next Meeting
Date: November 6 6:30pm
1427 N. Nash St. Apt. 20
Arlington, VA
Contact John at jdmckenna12@gmail.comif you wish to attend.
(1) RHN Policy limits leasing to 6 months or more. Co-Owners who choose to lease their property must report any tenancy to the Community Manager and provide contact information on each occupant.
(2) When a unit changes occupants, a Move In Fee of $100 must be paid to Rosslyn Heights Condominium Association; and mailed to GHCM. This applies also when tenants changes, even if only one occupant exits and a new person assume tenancy.
(3) Short term Rentals (any period less than 6 months) are prohibited at RHN unless Board of Director approval has been obtained. Popular arrangements such as AIR BnB are strictly prohibited by any Co-Owners. If a violation of this Property Regulation/By-Law is reported, the Board of Directors will consider removing the Co-Owners privilege to use common services including onsite parking, laundry facilities and imposing the $100 move in fee for each occurrence.
August 4, 2018: All lockboxes have been removed from the railings adjacent to the three front entrances on Nash Street. The goal is to declutter these primary property entrances.
A steel bar has been installed behind the building where your lockbox can be connected. DO NOT PUT ANY LOCKBOX on railings at building front entrances at 1423, 1425, or 1427. THE LOCKBOX WILL BE REMOVED at owners expense IF THEY REAPPEAR.
Accident at RHN: April 19th A Trash truck lost control and hit cars along Nash St. and in RHN parking lot. If involved, contact ESI Waste mgranville@esiwaste.com or gbryant@esiwaste.com
New Laundry Equipment Installed Jan. 29: Card Center station located in 1427
February 26th: Building Survey Planned: All Owners must ensure access to their units
A/C scheduled to be on NLT April 28 contingent on successful servicing of chiller.
Owners Reminder: Time to schedule annual PM servicing for your air handler prior to April 26.

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