ATTENTION OWNERS: The Rosslyn Heights North Board of Directors’ Meeting will be held on July 12, 2022 at 6:00 pm via Google Meets. Owners are welcome to participate.
Contact Ms. M. Genebroso, the RHN Portfolio Manager, at 703 752-8300 x.733 or by email. For instructions on how to connect via ZOOM. Minutes from this meeting will be posted in the Owners' Forum.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Owners are encouraged to sign into the Owners Forum to read the new RHN Move in Policy and the Pest Control Policy to stay informed on these two processes. If an owner does not have a userid and password to access the Owners Forum, submit a request to the Community Manager.
It has come to our attention that residents are placing bulk trash inside/outside the trash dumpsters. This is a friendly reminder of how all residents should schedule bulk trash special pick up. You may contact the Association trash company (Waste Management 1800-969-2069) or a company of your choice.
The resident is responsible for arranging and paying the cost of the special pick-up.
1. Please break down all boxes when you are placing boxes in the recycle bin.
2. Do not put any additional items in the recycle bin if the lids cannot close.
3. No items can be left outside the dumpsters.

Thanks for your cooperation!
Owners interested in window replacements should contact Alyssa Jackson to learn more about potential discounts. Owners interested in arranging annual air handler maintenance should contact Capps Mechanical at to express interest in their maintenance offer.
The RHN Board of Director's held a virtual CoOwners meeting on 10/29/2020. Topics discussed included the 2021 Budget, the Reserve study and the Association's financial status. Review is ongoing on whether there will be an increase in 2021 monthly assessments. Go to the Owners Forum to read the minutes from the Annual Meeting.
The NEW MOVE IN/OUT POLICY SIGNED 9 DECEMBER 2019 is a must read for all owners.
The Board of Directors approved a new 'Move in/out' Policy that all owners should review and must follow. The Covid-19 virus makes it important that owners and residents follow safe practices to protect the welfare of those living, visiting or owning units at Rosslyn Heights North Condominium. The BOD appreciates all efforts by residents and owners to familiarize themselves with this policy immediately and to comply with its guidelines.
ATTN: Residents & Owners
Effective August 1, 2019, Rosslyn Heights North replaced key access to all common area doors with FOBs. If owners need additional FOBs, please contact Paul Genebroso . If tenants need a FOB, please contact your landlord.
Please contact Chang Kim to obtain the new 2019 parking permits/hangtags. Towing will start being enforced on February 11th. Management is keeping a record of all stickers issued. In the event that you sell or trade in your vehicle, please make sure that you contact management to request a replacement sticker.
(1) RHN Policy limits leasing to 6 months or more. Co-Owners who choose to lease their property must report any tenancy to the Community Manager and provide contact information on each occupant. Short term Rentals (any period less than 6 months) are prohibited at RHN unless Board of Director approval has been obtained. Popular arrangements such as AIR BnB are strictly prohibited by any Co-Owners.
(2) When a unit changes occupants, a Move In Fee of $200 must be paid to Rosslyn Heights Condominium Association; and mailed to GHCM. This applies also when tenants changes, even if only one occupant exits and a new person assume tenancy.
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